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Written By muthmmuuuaaanniish on Saturday, June 25, 2011 | 8:20 PM

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  • sevak
    02-22 01:20 PM
    Focus of Indian companies seem to be H1-B, article doesnt mention any open support for GC

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  • mirage
    11-05 10:42 PM

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  • mbartosik
    07-19 09:47 AM
    Imagine if Uncle Sam held an auction to allow you to submit I485 EAD AP, what would you have bid for the right to submit?

    Maybe $640, $6,400, or even $64,000?

    If Uncle Sam charged a fee to submit now rather than waiting for another year or two or three... What would you have paid to submit I485 and get EAD AP AC21?

    Alternatively, how much are you going to benefit from EAD AP or AC21?

    AC21 -- maybe ability to move jobs and get a few thousand $ pay rise?
    AC21 -- maybe not going to the back of the queue -- really worth thousands!
    EAD for you and spouse -- maybe a week of salary for someone that could not previously work?
    AP -- how much is it worth not to have to waste time and money renewing H1B at an embassy. That's at least a few days of time you don't have to waste (and time is money).

    How much will you save from filing under the old fee structure? At least a few hundreds.

    Now use that as a guideline for what you are going to contribute to IV.

    There are still problems ahead for most....
    * retrogression
    * BECs for unluck some
    * name checks (I personally know someone that it took almost 2 years for).

    IV is now the most credible organization there to help get these issues addressed. So let's hand over the $.

    (me about $1K so far plus time)

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  • chetanjumani
    03-13 10:59 PM
    There was a topic where googler had explained that as per DHS employee, unused Eb2 Worldwide goes to Over subscribed Eb2, so Eb2 India and Eb2 China.

    It appears that the policy was always this, but since there were no excess Eb1 in the last couple of years, there was no spillovers in the last 2 years, howeever this year there are higher number of unused EB1.

    In fact the way it appears is :

    EB4 unused ==> spills over to ==> EB1
    EB5 unused ==> spills over to ==> EB1
    EB1 unused ==> spills over to ==> EB2 world wide.
    EB2 Worldwide unused ==> spills over to EB retrogressed.

    So before any spill over to EB3, visas are given to EB2 category.

    Since the unused EB2 visas are given to retrogressed countries, I believe that more visas are used by country that has more retrogression. But if there is any future movement in EB2, than both India and China could experience it.

    From forums, it appears that one of the important driving force behind the visa usage is the actual adjudication of cases from USCIS. Since generally USCIS does not really process enough cases to use all visa's(to ensure they are not wasted), every year there will be a need to have substantial movement in the cut off date to generate more demands for visa's, not just in AOS, but also CP.


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  • manderson
    09-14 03:29 PM
    I think the best way to approach this thing is to increase visibility of the "American competitiveness challenged" idea. Which is basically - globalization has made it easier for foreign students and high skilled professionals to go to other places, besides the US. This is a long term problem for American competitiveness and immigration laws must be adjusted to solve this� (you see where I am going with this).

    Recently a group of influential CEOs pressed lawmakers and the Bush administration on the idea and subsequently several studies/ reports were released (I have attached one such report). Let�s build our case and momentum on this for next year (let�s face it: immigration reforms are dead for the year). I think the IV leadership has a huge opportunity in guiding/ co-ordinating such an effort.

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  • axp817
    03-26 04:00 PM
    and then received 2 RFEs :o

    how long after the soft LUDs did you get the hard LUD (RFE)?

    And what was the RFE for?

    I had a soft LUD on 3/19/09.

    Nothing has happened since.

    Thanks for your time.


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  • walking_dude
    11-21 11:46 AM
    Please contact WWJ Radio about our concerns regarding Lou Dobbs show. Discussing Mr. Dobbs psuedo-presidential ambitions (he'll be a washout like Tancredo) will not help our cause.

    If you have already done it (contacting WWJ) update the Poll.


    There is a speculation that Lou Dobbs may run for President as Independent. Whaw I really want to see him run for President and see in debate what he tells about various issues.


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  • Lollerskater
    09-17 12:17 PM
    amendment failed

    Edit: sheesh u guys are fast!


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  • NNReddy
    04-18 06:55 PM
    You didn't answer my question. Can you work for two companies processing your green card at the same time. I am working for employer A for 13 years and EB3 green card process pending for 8 years. Now while working for Company A, Can I start green card process through Company B(for part time work) and do porting to EB2? Please clarify. I am not intending to quit immediately after getting Green Card, I will work for 6 months after Green card for Company B(for part time)?

    Is this legal to work full time for one company and part time for another company(I have EAD), both of them are processing green card at the same time? Is there a chance of getting RFE's OR Is there a chance of getting your original application getting rejected because of multiple employments and two green card process's at the same time.

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  • Brightsider
    07-16 05:36 PM

    AILA has a template of a letter/email to Congress members that can be used to express support for visa recapture and immigration reform.

    Please check out
    AILA - Web Resources (

    You may like to modify the message to suit your life situation and preferences. For example, instead of undocumented aliens, I used the opportunity to stress the difficulties of employment-based applicants. While I have nothing against them, it is my belief that I need to stress my own problem and seek a resolution.

    And, I have also forwarded the link and my mail to all my friends who are waiting for green cards. More importantly, I have asked my relatives and friends, who are citizens or who have green cards, to pitch in and write for our sake.

    My suggestion, should you agree with the above, is not only to write to your Congress members but also ask your relatives and friends to do likewise.

    Best wishes


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  • indianindian2006
    04-16 10:33 AM
    For my situation discussed above, I took an infopass appointmnet at Baltimore and they couldn't offer a concrete answer since the case is pending with TSC. They asked me to reply to RFE asking for extension and provide supporting documents. I'm not sure if that would be accepted and results in denial of I-485.

    In 2005 for a family based I130 I recd an RFE for birth cert which was not available and somehow could not arrange for the negative certificate in time and asked them for an extension as my papers were to come from from mumbai and it would take more tiime as we had to get the documents from courts in mumbai and ahemdabad.I was sent a denial notice and had to fie a motion to reopen and pay attorney extra money to get the case reopened.So as far as I know they do not issue any time extensions and would decide the case on basis of documents submitted and if these documents are letters asking for more time then I assume they would deny the case as they did for me in 2005.
    Good luck.

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  • sparuthi
    09-17 01:06 PM
    They are all now driving together to the Panda Express which 2.3 miles away. The Lady from California has opted for Egg Rolls, Veg.Fried Rice and Orange Chicken. She also wants big drink.

    Instead of having chinese,, they can have the indian food, with kabobs, tandorri chicken and naan.. that might wet their appetite for HR5882.. cheers


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  • paskal
    05-23 03:42 PM
    looks like ur sunny side is up and its still raw!..;-) (2 posts)

    my point is: citizens matter..not voteless aliens..
    we cannot have the same game plan as numbersusa...

    all i am saying is..maybe we need a newer and innovative approach to get our voices heard.. One speaking head ..not a herd!

    we do the "one speak" too.
    but herd speak counts.
    this is not my "opinion". this is the direct information we have been passed along by lawmaker offices themselves. and you are wrong. whether you vote or not, if you call an office they do listen. if you visit it they listen more. try it and see, i speak from many personal experiences.

    if "non voters" voices were so usless, we would not be even this far along by now. when a lot of people voice and opinion- IT DOES GET HEARD.

    please do the needful.
    we do adopt other strategies too. each one has its own utility. it's own goal and it's own time. right now we need the calls.

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  • gcsomeday
    07-17 05:50 PM
    Lets ask Core not to just go with the temporary fix of July visa bulliten.
    We might apply for EAD and AP but what if they throw our papers some where and repeat the same thing.
    This time they will be very careful in issuing visa bulliten

    In future very slow progression in visa dates...adjudicating cases very slowly always stating that due to july visa bulliten we have lots of cases ...we will not be able to do anything until we sort ou...blah blah...

    This is not the fix
    We should be firm with our goals...

    Lets come up with some ideas....
    Lets not ask what to do...lets think and come up with an idea...and then we shall decide if it works or not...
    When some one first suggested flower campaign everyone took it as a was not implemented before some one sent the flowers and showed the receipt number...

    I was following core for a long time...this the biggest response i have ever seen from the members...

    Lets continue it...

    My idea ...lets not just accept the temporary fix...we should fight the congress until they come up with a plan of fixing the GC issue.

    The congress talks about fixing illegal immigration..Lets ask them to fix the legal immigration first.

    Unless we are really strong about it...nothing can be accomplished..

    They cant fix the existing legal system but they are ready with the plans of fixing illegal immigration...of course it failed but still they had big impact...
    Dude, good to see your energy. But, I am not sure how long you have been following IV. Applying for 485 is only part of the IV agenda. Read the home page. Everyone ( or most of us ) realises this is just a battle won. But it is a big one and the first one with tangible benefits as far I can remember.

    I guess what I am saying is IV will address what you are saying. And we need people like you to energize people like me.


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  • srikondoji
    07-11 10:40 AM
    Nope. There is no need to wait for actual rejection.
    The revised bulletin clearly says that they are going to reject any july applications.

    Also, they cannot hold the applications for ever as there will be other potential problems like travel.

    So, something should happen between now and the August 1st.

    Now that USCIS / DOS know that they have made mistake and also aware that this is exposed to the entire country. So this is what they are doing.

    1. Keep all the applications pending so that AILF could not start the lawsuit. ALIF needs rejection proof.
    2. Updated their site stating the receipt notice will be sent after Aug 1st, So everyone keeps quiet till this date.
    3. I beleive, the Judge will rule out by July 29 saying that itis fault of DOS / USCIS and say they have to accept all the applications which are filed in July leaving the applicants only two days to file.
    4. No one can argue that all the ELIGIBLE applicants should be allowed to file. The reason is NOT all the eligible applicants filed in June. Also if you feel that you are eligible for July, then you should have prepared all your application papers ready by July 29. If you cannot file, you are out.

    I feel, this is what is going to happen. So better prepare your papers and keep it ready.

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  • mpadapa
    09-17 02:09 PM
    Looks like all they had for lunch was a six pack:D:D All they are discussing is about six pack..


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  • When485
    04-01 09:05 PM
    All our I485 applications had a soft LUD of today. Recently I applied EAD for my son and it got approved within 15 days. One of my friends got LUD and later (after 2 days) a Hard LUD that they sent an RFE. Our SC is Nebraska. some of my friends also had got Soft LUD 2 weeks before but no change inside... Not sure what is awaiting us. Hopefully its all pre-adjudication. Any insights will be highly appreciated.


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  • santb1975
    06-17 03:17 PM
    We really need to call

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  • indianindian2006
    04-16 10:36 AM
    On March 30 I had a soft LUD on my 485 and then on Apr9 my attorney recd an my case the RFE went only to the attorney.

    Hi all,

    Due to system glitches, cud a soft LUD mean that it cud still have triggered an RFE to the attorney?

    Also, when therez an RFE will the mail just go to the attny or to the applicant as well (if the applicant has signed G-28)?

    Bottomline, is it a good idea to check with the attny if there were any RFEs?

    Pls lemme know...


    07-18 08:40 PM
    I don't know why but we tend to be satisfied with lsmall benefits...
    I agree with you "something (EAD and AP) is better than nothing"
    But i bet you will find your self in the same situation of agony and endless waiting for the final Green card.
    I bet most of the people don't use your ead and AP as it puts you in a gray "Adjustment of status". They are good to have though. But you will painful it is to decide to use them or not..

    What i want to say is that being able to apply for EAD and AP is not the end of the will be stuck in a depressing situation waiting for the final green card.How do i know? .. I went through it...waiting for GC for the past 4 years.

    I dont know its FBI or its just the USCIS incompetence but waiting in the final stage is horrible. Every time you travel you are scared...AP as for as my lawyer goes IT does not guarantee 100% entry in to the country.

    After you apply for AP its only 1 year H1 increments.

    What i am saying why dont we try for the overall improvement of the GC processing. Why dont we be firm about not wasting the GC numbers and recapturing the unused numbers.

    We had a small revolt (peaceful way) and its successful.We dont want to stop there.


    I hope you guys are with me..looking for your comments

    Lets cross one bridge at a time. Who knows what favorable changes might happen in future.

    01-29 05:14 PM
    I am no expert on this but if labor substitution is eliminated it will remove anywhere from 30 to 50% of labor cleared from BEC. I know a lot of people who have applied for labor 2 to 3 times, they applied for a new labor every time they went to a new employer. It is these extra labor certifications that are being sold

    Its a good thing....these old labors are now selling 10K upwards

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