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Written By muthmmuuuaaanniish on Saturday, June 25, 2011 | 3:23 AM

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  • cowboy
    07-18 01:29 PM
    For all practical purposes, the date on which it was recieved is your RD=> Receipt Date. The postmark date has no relevance except for records unless USCIS explicitly states so ( which it did once in 2001 360).
    485 filings are strictly Receipt date. I am still searching for the uscis link and will post one as soon as I find one.

    Thanks...but isn't the post mark date is when you send the mail ?

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  • svkrishna
    01-31 02:22 AM
    Hi Prashantc

    We( H1b Extension for 3 time and H4 for my wife)appeared for an interview on Jan 17th. Yet to receive passports.
    Cancelled my tickets already.
    Based on your case, if they ask us the documents after 16 odd days.. I would say I am doomed. My employer( Not consulting company) might create problems.

    Good luck to you bro

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  • panky72
    06-18 01:01 PM
    I am not referring to the hypothetical scenarios and assumptions.

    I am talking about the real scenarios in past that were covered. Did you have the first hand experience of it being covered?

    I have bought it twice for my parents but did not use it (thank god). Yes that's a hypothetical scenario but I went through the policy fine print. At least it offers to cover some part of preexisting conditions which other plans do not.

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  • ajs4123
    10-24 11:07 AM
    I also got email from CRIS last night stating that my I-129 has been reopened.

    I have a very simple immigration history:

    I-129 filed and approved April 2005, petition expires 3/30/2008; only ever worked for this same company.

    No H-1B extensions ever filed, no H-1B transfers ever done, no previous history of US immigration prior to April 2005.

    Labor, I-140 and I-485 were filed November 2006; I-140 approved February 2007, I-485 approved June 2007, EB2 green card arrived June 2007.

    There was a LUD on the I-140, in August, but that was about the same time as a bunch of other people got LUDs on cases starting SRC07... seems like I can disregard that.

    There was also a LUD on the I-129 without a status change later in August. No explanation for that was apparent.

    And now I get a notice on 10/23/2007 saying that the I-129 has been re-opened and that something will happen within the next 30 days. I'll be sure to keep you all updated if I get anything like an actual I-797 notice through the mail.

    Did anyone else get anything on October 23rd?


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  • B3NKobe
    06-07 08:19 PM
    Good Job Mette!! :thumb::thumb:!!

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  • Raji
    07-24 10:58 AM
    Nowhere in the posts have I disputed the credentials of those who work @ IV. Only expressed disappointment at the nature of the responses received. If credentials were in Q, it would be pointless raising any Qs at all. Qs are only asked of whom you trust to give a reliable answer. While the Core and indeed the Donors are dedicated and smart, many members here are as interested in following the progress being made by IV and yes smart enough to understand that every organisation has strategies which it may not wish to reveal � the Qs here are not about strategy, they are about updated information and increased awareness amongst those IV calls its base. If a free and open discussion about this is only to be cut short by a member being told pay or not be curious, then this is not really a public forum and this needs to be clarified at the very start.

    Of course IV can continue to get rid of people it does not like raising Qs by putting them down, but this is not the greatest public relations exercise - especially with the population the group seeks to serve. This world is not a one size fits all and - there will always be people who pop into a forum for the occasional Query - if we answered them nicely, updated them on progress, they may themselves consider this a worthy cause, donate, update their profile and contribute as best as they can. Alternatively they may never become donors, but will at least ensourage others to visit IV, become members, and support the cause. But if we ask them to fulfil multiple conditions before showing empathy, we lose them forever. My personal hope is that IV will succeed in what it aims to achieve, though it would never be by itself - many other orgnisations supporting legal immigration will be part of any victory should it be achieved.


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  • sangarmool
    10-08 04:56 PM
    Someone gave me red dot with following comment --

    please look at your very H-1 visa application and interview, you would have also said to the visa officer that you DO NOT have immigrant intent. I dont know of a single person who said that they HAVE an intention to immigrate.

    Yes buddy, you lied....for a long time and now you are talking!

    H1 is a dual intent. So you can always say that you intent to immigrate. I have said the same many times to the immigration officers and usually they have said no problem.

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  • IamWithImmiVoice
    01-14 03:48 PM
    I am thinking of starting a google group for people who would like to send letters to USCIS/White House for our efforts. Not sure if we already have IV, if we really need another google group but the main aim for doing this is to send reminders to us to send letters and once in a while have discussions on what affect our efforts are having. Do you guys think its a good idea? I think I should start a poll for this


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  • guyfromsg
    07-15 03:25 PM
    From the article it seems Tancredo gives wrong information about H1b. Generally CNN is not responsible for any other person is giving wrong information in the interviews unless CNN accepts the information. Daily they are interviewing many people including Politicians and there is lot of chance for wrong information. Many persons gave wrong information about Iraq in CNN but CNN could not be responsible for that. If Lou Dobbs gives/accepts wrong information then we can complain about him in CNN. So if action needs to be taken we need to protest Tancredo for his comments.

    From the video clipping it looks like a visual of Tom T and inserted in Lou Dobbs program. There is no interaction between Lou Dobbs and Tom. I mean it doesn't sound like Lou is interviewing him. So if it's just a sound byte in Lou Dobb's program he is approving it and he is responsible for the content. I think the petition to CNN is valid and has merit.

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  • vikki76
    09-17 04:14 PM
    Congrats KabMilegaGC on getting that magic email.
    We are still waiting for our turn- Today my attorneys decided to take pity on us and they said that they are going to write to USCIS about pending application. Maybe that will do the trick.
    In some weird way, there was no anxiety at all when dates were not current as there was no hope at all. Life was going on just fine but this wait is proving to be more difficult.

    Opened SR on Sept 3rd
    Case Pending on NSC
    InfoPass on Sept 7th
    Contacted Senator on Sept 14th.


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  • DesiGuy
    09-17 12:37 PM
    seems like the chairman is kinda careless just saying "the ayes have it". He must be a megatron fan.

    LOL :)

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  • Green.Tech
    06-19 06:13 PM
    Please don't be. I am glad that I finally got a response!!

    Thanks willwin.

    Keep the phone lines ringing, folks!


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  • fasterthanlight�
    05-30 11:28 PM
    The 1st of July is about a month from now.

    OOps my bad.... i read it as June for some reason. Still dont know if i want to do this or not.

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  • genscn
    11-13 09:24 AM

    There MIGHT be H1B related activities during Lame Duck Session.

    Tom Abate

    Sunday, November 12, 2006

    What's at stake: Reauthorization of the expired research and development tax credit; restoration of "network neutrality" on the Internet; and proposals to boost what Republicans call "competitiveness" and Democrats have styled "innovation," including changes to the controversial H-1B visa program.


    Difficult path predicted for CIR even with Democrats as majority.


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  • BharatPremi
    08-21 06:44 PM
    Exactly my thoughts. However, that does not mean that I am not proud of heritage and culture of my country-of-origin.

    The vast majority of people are here on these forums for getting their GC and USC.

    I appreciate everyone who has congratulated me. Thank you so much. Please note that I sill belong to legal immigrant community and nothing can change that.

    Good Luck to everyone (and that includes people who have given me red dots with comments) and I hope you get your GC soon.

    Proud to be an Indian-American and legal immigrant.

    Anyway, I am still confused. If I am proud of my country of origin and its heritage then it must be absolutely impossible for me to entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity with my country of origin. That is the expectation every human society or country generally have and must have to advance its own culture. Well I can not see myself fitting in that "Ethics watch" if I am changiing citizenship. If I am changing citizenship I absolutely do not have strong ethical connection with my heritage and country. And in that case it is fine to change citizenship for me and if I do that I would not speak about pride to my heritage and country. And if I am really and sincerely proud of my country of origin I would not become citizen of other country in spite of any attractive lure. It is that simple.

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  • roseball
    04-18 09:43 PM
    Hearty congratulations! Your story is most heart warming

    Mind mentioning your degree/qualifications? I am looking out for people like me who have successfully ported ...


    Here are my case details as well.

    Came to US in Aug 1999 on F-1 after B.Tech. Graduated with MS (Telecom) in Dec 2000. Joined a major telecom firm immediately after graduation. My first EB-3 labor was filed in Dec 2001 (Non-RIR) but employer withdrew it because of lay-offs. Employer filed again in Nov'03 (Non-RIR again) and it was approved in March 2007 (after RIR conversion in Jan 2007) by Dallas BEC, followed by I-140 approval (March 2007) and I-485 filing in July 2007. Though my job required a MS degree, my employer could not file in EB-2 as there were people in my team with just Bachelors degree when they joined the company 10-15 yrs ago and lawyer did not advise employer to file in EB-2 as EB-3 was current those days......After surviving 12 rounds of lay-offs, no job security whatsoever throughout and fed up with EB3 process, I changed jobs after 8.5 yrs (July 2009) and my new job required a minimum of MS + 6 yrs of experience and fortunately my new employer (another large company) had no issues re-starting the process again. I work in Mobile Communications R&D (developing networks which support smart phones (2G/3G and now 4G-LTE technology) have been in this field since Jan 2001) and here are my EB-2 case details:

    Joined new employer in July 2009
    PERM Prep work took 6 months
    EB2 PERM filed: March 30th, 2010 (MS + 6 yrs or BS + 8 yrs as min requirements)
    EB2 PERM approved: Aug 11th, 2010
    EB2 I-140 filed: Aug 27th, 2010 (Premium Processing, EB3 I-140 approval copy enclosed with request to Port EB3 PD)
    EB2 I-140 and I-485 approved concurrently on Sep 3rd, 2010
    Cards received Sep 7th, 2010

    Hope this helps.


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  • admin
    04-10 07:59 AM
    Is there an IRS ITIN tax ID number for IV for those who report contributions on their tax returns ?


    As quoted in in the last paragraph of the Contributions ( page, your contributions to Immigration Voice are not tax deductible. So one should not report these contribution in their tax returns. I have also sent you a PM.

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  • ajmalnasar
    06-15 06:14 AM
    To raaj2007, just getting an EAD does not nullify your H1, but if you use EAD you loose H1. Go and check with your attorney. If you use EAD you cannot enter US using H1 or H4, you have to use Advance parole.

    Adding to the replies to other post

    (i) I heard after filing 485 I could change employers? Yes or no? If yes, then which state would I be in? (EAD, AP or none)?
    Answer - You can change employer after 180 days of pending 485 using AC 21 and you would be in EAD and use AP to enter US
    (ii) After filing 485, do I HAVE to get my wife into US before the dates retrogress again?? Whoa never heard that...are you sure?
    Answer -Yes, if you dont, you would not be able to file for her if the dates retrogresses again, also to file 485 for your wife , she should be in US at the time of filing 485.
    (iii) Is there no step after 485 filing that I can keep postponing to not let 485 approve (like delaying 485 fingerprinting multiple times) so that I can let 485 approve only after I am married and can bring my wife in?
    Answer - No, you cannot postpone it on your own will. But if your marriage date is before 485 approval (even one day) and tour wife could not make it to US, she can come to US using follow to join process. That process is also available if PD are current. In that scenario you ask USCIS to send US consulate in India to send a notice that the principal applicant's 485 has been approved and since the marriage was before 485 approval, she should be called for Interview at the US consulate in India and given the immigrant VISA, The Follow to join process is like Consular Processing.

    Hope I answered your doubts.

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  • brick2006
    06-03 05:41 PM
    how come the so few are calling?
    everyone has a EAD> no one cares for GC that the case??

    05-01 03:10 PM
    No dude, its not 6 months, it more like 15 years...tough crap are now a bonded slave....:-(


    Looks like you are used to work as a bonded slave, and expecting same from others. Be a free bird at least after getting GC.

    12-15 02:41 PM

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